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Accelerate Your Machine Vision Application Development

To help you augment your operations with powerful Machine Vision solutions, Zebra Aurora Vision provides
versatile graphics-based machine vision software and extensive code libraries. Our solutions are deployed
across manufacturing and logistics, including electronic components, food and beverage, healthcare, retail,
agriculture, lottery and gaming sectors, and our proven building blocks enable your engineers to easily and
quickly construct powerful customized Machine Vision applications.

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio is one of the most powerful visual / graphical development environments available. It’s based on dataflow
and comes with a comprehensive set of powerful ready-to-use image filters that enable your engineers to simply design and
launch large-scale enterprise solutions customized to your needs. Key features include

Your engineers can simply drag and drop
selected filters into the Program Editor
window and connect them with each
other. This saves significant time and
allows them to focus their energies on
creating the best solution. What’s more,
inspection results are visualised on
multiple configurable data previews and
when anything changes the previews
update in real-time. With our HMI
Designer you can easily build custom
user interfaces and integrate them into
your application

There are over 1,000 ready-to-go
machine vision fillers – that are proven
in thousands of applications – with
advanced capabilities such as outlier
suppression, subpixel precision or anyshape region-of-interest. Optimised for
the latest hardware, our implementations
are among the fastest available, while
our graphical-based development
extends to advanced data-flow
constructs including loop, conditions,
subprograms (macrofilters), global
parameters and even threads

Adaptive Vision Studio is a GigE Vision
compliant product. It also supports the
GenTL interface as well as a number of
vendor-specific APIs. You can use it with
most cameras including models from
Allied Vision, Basler, Baumer, Dalsa,
Daheng, FLIR, Matrix Vision, Photon
Focus and XIMEA.

A Simple, Three-step Workflow

Creating your Machine Vision program involves a simple three-step process

Design your algorithm

Create a custom HMI


Zebra Aurora Vision Library for C++ and .NET is a comprehensive
set of functions for image analysis apps – from standardsbased image acquisition interfaces, through low-level image
processing routines, to ready-made tools such as template
matching, measurements or bar code readers. The functions
available in Zebra Aurora Vision Library align to the filters of
Zebra Aurora Vision Studio. Therefore, it’s possible to prototype
your algorithms quickly in a graphical environment and then
translate them to C++ or .NET, or even generate the C++
code automatically.
Meticulous algorithm design combines with hardware
optimization ensuring that the library is one of the fastest
in the world. Implementations make use of SSE/AVX/
NEON instructions and parallel computations on multicore
processors. There are over 1,000 functions available from
basic applications such as barcode reading to remote camera
calibration to 3D measurement and more.

And with instant access to high quality and proven code, the
Library gives your developers a big head-start when creating

A Complete Solution with Aurora Vision Deep Learning

Alongside our core graphical studio and library features,
we can help you further optimise your Machine Vision solutions