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Line Scan Cameras

Line Scan Cameras

Line scan cameras, sometimes known as 1D cameras are widely used in web inspection application, such as printing, PCB, when application requires very high resolution, and demanding lighting geometry. We supply line scan cameras with the latest technologies that set new standards for image quality and speed.

Quad Linear CMOS Color Line Sensor

Color CMOS sensor line scan cameras with an excellent combination of high resolution and fast scan rates. Resolutions up to 15k pixels and line rates up to 71 kHz with 10GIGE & Camera Link Interfaces.

Trilinear CCD color line sensor

Trilinear cameras deliver outstanding color line scan performance for applications that don’t require the ultimate color precision

  • Highly sensitive CCD line sensor with 3 color channels
  • High-resolution sensor up to 7,300 pixels
  • Speed up to 50.8 kHz
  • Interfaces CameraLink Base, Medium, Full (80/64 Bit)
  • Output format sRGB, CIE-L *a*b* or CIE-XYZ

LED line scan light

Light is the first important step for a successful machine vision application. Even with line scan cameras the requirements for light are high. Our Line light enables customers to achieve their objective with fewer complications. Our line light offers a wide range of lighting for line scanning:

Dark field illumination

• Up to 3,500,000 Lux
• Patented reflector technology

Bright field illumination

• 300,000 cd/m²
• High homogeneity

Tube light

• 1,200,000 Lux
• Very compact design


• Bright field option
• Dark field option


One of the most important points to consider when using LEDs in machine vision is how to keep the device cool, even with modern high power LEDs. Chromasens offers a modular system for cooling.

Passive cooling

Fan cooling

Water cooling