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Machine Vision Inspection Integration & Solutions

At Genesys Vision we objectively select the best smart camera for the job. We integrate Industry leading Smart camera’s in our applications.

Our turnkey products and services complement smart cameras. We can select and provide lensing, lighting, mounts, fixtures, robots, and automation.

Our design, engineering, software solution, PLC integration consultancy, in-plant programming, and training help assure that your Vision Inspection Systems works flawlessly.

Proven Machine Vision Inspection Solutions

Helping you deliver on your quality promise through repeatable, tested vision systems for automated inspection and manufacturing.

We’ve worked with customers around the globe to help them improve processes and downstream quality, cut costs and waste, reduce liability, and increase credibility.

See inspections as they happen with a machine vision inspection system that handles quality control issues, ensuring every unit you make meets the same standards, everywhere, every time.

Each system we build is engineered for reliability, cycle time, and precision.



Feature & Defect Detection

Do you need to ensure the integrity of your products? Want to remove damaged or incomplete units from production? Our smart vision systems quickly identify 1200 parts/minute, all units with flaws or missing features before they can hurt your brand.

Presence/absence inspection, Error Proofing / Poka Yoke In more and more instances, machine vision technology is being used in Poka Yoke or error proofing systems. Such systems ensure that a component/sub assembly is correctly built prior to advancing to the next station.
Our Smart Vision Perform inspections for target presence, missing components, and differentiation amongst other products.

Ensure your products have in-spec dimensions and correct labels, logos, bar codes and serial numbers. With a combination of 1D, 2D and 3D measurement and scan solutions in our turnkey solutions, we measure to the micrometer level and perform OCR/OCV/CODE READING to make sure all units conform exactly to specifications


In so many manufacturing processes, 2D and 3D component alignment and positioning are critical for correct product analysis. These days, robot vision and automatic object handling is widely used in industrial production. Given the global competition, processes need to be optimized, costs reduced and, at the same time, the quality and innovative power need to be improved. And for any automated object handling system to be efficient and reliable, accurate machine vision systems are essential.


We as Genesys Vision provide following Machine vision solutions for Automotive, Assembly/ Handling, Packaging

  • Image-based object tracking, even several objects all at once
  • Robot-guided quality control
  • Robot-guided object identification and measurement
  • Check for object overlaps and gripper clearance
  • Checks of free storage positions

Application examples:

  • Surface inspection of pipes
  • Volumetric measurement in cutting machines used in the food industry
  • 360° measurement of tree trunks
  • Profile measurements for rails
  • Guidance of welding heads and ultrasonic inspection probes
  • Real-time angle measurement during the bending process in brake presses
  • Adhesive and sealant bread monitoring at dosing systems
  • 3D measurement in coordinate measuring machines
  • Contour inspection in pipe, cable and rubber manufacturing

2D/3D Sensors measure objects 360° all the way around, precisely control the positions of robots and inspect surfaces accurate to the micron.

Advantages of 2D/3D sensors: superiority where performance is concerned, thus resulting in high-resolution point clouds. This makes it possible to implement complex 3D measurements and testing tasks efficiently and reliably.

Users profit from increased productivity, improved process reliability and 100% quality control. Various performance classes and measuring ranges are offered by the large portfolio of 2D/3D measuring technology – the right product for every application.

Thanks to their open interfaces, 2D and 3D profile Sensors can be incorporated into your software landscape via DLL, or with the help of a GigE Vision server module.

Application examples:

  • Solder paste inspection
  • PCB inspection
  • Component inspection
  • Object digitalization
  • Bin picking